How Long Does Caviar Last?

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The shelf life of caviar is very short, meaning it needs to be handled in certain ways to maintain its quality. Some of these include pasteurization, storage, air content, and processing. 

Unopened and properly refrigerated malossol will keep for around a month before it begins to spoil. If it's stored in a frozen container, you can keep it for up to a year.  

On the other hand, if it's stored in a pasteurized container, you might have to keep it for up to a year. Once the container is opened, they tend to dry out once air gets in, and within three to seven days, the malossol will start to lose its flavor and texture. 

If you're looking for a longer shelf life for your caviar, you can consider pressed caviar, which is also required to be refrigerated. Highly-salted varieties can keep for up to several years if stored properly on the shelf. 

How to Store Caviar Properly  

Caviar should be stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be kept in a sealed bag of ice to maintain its ideal temperature. You can store it in an opened container or a sealed tin, which should get placed in your fridge's bottom drawer. If you're planning on keeping frozen caviar, it should be stored in the fridge's freezer until it thaws. 

If you're planning on keeping the caviar served, make sure that it stays cool and stays on the table for a long time to prevent it from getting damaged. After transferring it to a clean container, it should be covered with cling wrap and placed inside your fridge. 

How Long Does Caviar Last When Left Unopened In The Refrigerator?  

A sealed container of vacuum-cooled caviar at 26 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit will keep for up to six weeks, though some can last up to four weeks. Remember that even if the label indicates that it's for longer, its quality and flavor will begin to decrease. 

How Long Does Pasteurized Caviar Last?  

Caviar that has been pasteurized will last for about a year. However, keep in mind that this process will change the flavor and texture of the product. It's also the safest caviar, killing harmful bacteria and other contaminants. 

How Long Can I Freeze My Caviar?  

If you're planning on keeping caviar for a long time, you can keep it for up to a year if you freeze it. However, remember that certain types of roe will do well in the freezer, while others will lose their flavor and texture after the freezing process. 

Does Caviar Go Bad?   

If the caviar is exposed to air, it can lose its flavor and appearance. Even after a prolonged period, its quality can also get ruined. It is assumed that any remaining caviar in a container left at room temperature for 24 hours should be considered expired. 

How long does caviar stay good after opening?  

After you have opened your caviar, make sure to consume it within ten days. It's important to discard it after that, as the eggs will begin to lose their texture and flavor. As the oxygen levels in the water continue to increase, other contaminants might appear in the caviar. 

Caviar Shelf Life & Expiry  

The longevity of a serving of caviar depends on how well it can get stored. The length of time it can last depends on the type of packaging it's in. For storage in sealed containers, caviar can get kept in a refrigerator for up to 18 months. The product is kept at a temperature recommended by the packaging. The bottom of the tin or jar should indicate the exact expiration date. If frozen caviar is thawed, it should be stored in a refrigerator for at least ten days. Premium caviar does not contain preservatives, so it should get consumed within a couple of days. 

The shelf life of a container holding caviar depends on the bacteria introduced into it. When it's opened, avoid eating the contents directly from the container and letting food particles, such as bread crumbs, drop in. The caviar usually lasts up to two weeks, but it will start to smell like a distinct odor once it reaches its desired temperature. Before you consume any caviar, make sure to read the labels to understand the storage requirements and expiration dates of the product. 


When preserving the quality and flavor of caviar, one's storage habits will determine how long this luxury item can last. To maintain its premium taste and get the best experience, one should regularly store their product in a manner that prolongs its shelf life.

If you're new to the world of this luxurious delicacy, check out our caviar for beginners guide to learn more.



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