We Love Caviar

We are a group of caviar enthusiasts on a mission to share beautifully cured caviar with the world. We also believe caviar can (and should) be a part of your everyday diet to ensure optimal wellness. Caviar's scientifically proven health benefits should be better known, so we are bringing that knowledge into the light.

As worldwide demand for seafood increases, aquaculture is a highly efficient use of the marine environment. WE are dedicated to sustainable, responsibly-sourced caviar, and our transparency is proof of this commitment. As most fish are cold blooded and virtually weightless in the water, fish can be highly efficient at converting feed into protein.

Honoring our oceans and all species!
We are proud to say that at OM Caviar we have adopted technologies and methods to ensure our sturgeons are sustainably raised in ways that do not deplete the eco-system or impact biodiversity in any way.

The Difference

no antibiotics in om caviar products

No Antibiotics

fish farm clipart

Farm Raised 2.0

zero gmos in om caviar products

Zero GMOs

no mercury in om caviar products

No Mercury

Eco-friendly farms.

Not the alternative. The imperative

By 2030, 50% of all seafood will originate from fish farms. Aquaculture is vital in supporting global seafood production, while rebuilding protected species and habitats. It is the solution to an ever increasing human population and consumption of fish. It is the future.

Fish farming got a bad name in the 1980s - not only were farmed sturgeons pumped with toxins but they were escaping in the wild and therefore impacting the wider eco-system. Thankfully, modern technology in fish farming has become an extremely efficient way of feeding the world.

We have adopted these technologies to ensure our sturgeons are sustainably raised in ways that do not deplete the eco-system.

In fact, compared to land farming, modern fish farming can provide the required protein at a fraction of the energy use and labor cost. Caviar caught wild is not often controlled and as a result can be inefficient.

This greatest of superfoods is over 200 million years old, since the times of dinosaurs, and yet the fish that provide caviar were once close to extinction. By aquafarming, we control what goes in and what comes out - it's quite simply the solution to sustainable, eco-friendly production of this delicious delicacy.

We are happy to say that thanks to modern, environmentally-aware production, caviar will continue to have a place on the table of future banquets!

image of the sea including OM Caviar commitments