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Sturgeon fish eggs: superfood of the sea


Om launched last month with the aim of promoting caviar as the ‘superfood of the sea.’ Rich in proteins, omega 3s and Vitamin B12, their two offerings are also chockfull of flavor. The Ossetra is sourced from the Caspian Sea, characterized by a swirl of nutty, fruity and briny notes. The Kaluga Hybrid, is a combination of Kaluga and Shassetra sturgeon, yielding a mild and buttery flavor that’s ideal for newcomers.

The company is doing an admirable job of softening the the super-elite stigma of the cuisine. A 50g tin of the delicacy—enough to satiate several connoisseurs around the dinner table—sells for just $75. Company founder Sony Mordechai also wants enthusiasts to know that there are many ways to enjoy his product that extend beyond the stereotypical.

“At OM, we aim to subvert the standards,” he says. “Classically, caviar has been paired with champagne and vodka. While that is still delicious for special occasions, there are healthier alternatives that taste just as good. Caviar pairs well with vodka because it has a clean and crisp taste which resets your taste palette. [But] coconut water is our absolute favorite drink to serve with caviar. It balances the ratio of potassium to sodium in your body which keeps everything functioning properly, allowing you to enjoy even more caviar — and vodka. Served extra cold, coconut water’s crispness and sweetness brings depth to your experience while dissolving any left-over oiliness.

Alternatively he recommends complementing the fish eggs with a crisp, extra-sparkling water, to stimulate taste buds with its texture. Beyond the superfood selling point, Mordechai’s goal “is to re-establish the value of caviar as a daily delight.” With product this good, he’ll hardly have to swim upstream.

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